My name is Jian, and I go by RJ. I am a Designer and Developer who enjoys making, fixing and improving things.

Interactive interfaces, particularly tangible ones, are where my passion lies. Automated and augmented life is my ultimate pursuit. Thus, I picked up engineering education, hardware prototyping capability and programming skills along the way.

Whenever I have a fantastic idea, product design skills take me through the ideation, sketching, wireframing stage. Then if necessary, a CAD file or 3D model is good to start articulating the harware details. 3D printing and laser cut make the real stuff. Depending on the case, I may have to get my hands dirty and write the firmware for it. If not, I simply put together a good combination of boards and sensors available in the market.

On the application side, I need to take care of both the backend and frontend. Normally, node and python help with the backend, while react builds the web. Sometimes I also write native apps. Recently, AI becomes very handy dealing with recognition problem, I use it a lot in IoT domain to solve automation problems.

No one can do them all. I like to set the big picture and focus only on a few areas, and rely on my best teammates for the rest.

Currently, I am gaining more in-depth AI knowledge beyond just applying it. Also, I am working on a project that combines AR and IoT in home setting, which also extends my master's project.